The Elite 3%

I’ve been seeing lots of things about MLM strategies and Success lately, so I thought I would  talk about “The Elite 3 %”.

Recently I recieved an email that stated: “Some people are fortunate enough to “stumble” upon success and some say, “I don’t know. I just worked hard!” Or, “I just kept talking to people and hearing the no’s”. Answers like this might indeed be the truth for some people who have reached the top, but they fail to help the networker who is deep in the trenches and needs some REAL truth about how to reach the next level in their business.” Clearly, there most be a formula.. Right? Well, Let’s remember one of the most important  lessons of life: Work & Patience. It Takes Time!

You must plan your work and work your plan.

97% will always fail, they don’t even make  $400/mo. That’s less than $100/week.  And 3% will ALWAYS make money.  REALLY? But I thought they said??  Only 3 %…  On avg., less than 1% (actual number less than .something) make more than $400/mo. How does this happen?

85% of networkers sign up to generate income. After all, That is their “WHY?” 

But there are many contributing factors. But in my opinion, I think it boils down to a failure to Master, over time, the 5 pillars of Network Marketing, which lead to becoming a “Top Earner”. Specifically, they include:

1) Your Mindset

2) Your Method of Lead Generation

3) Your Skills In Prospecting & Recruiting

4) Your Ability To Successfully Build A Team

5) Your Systems

If you are gonna have any amount of success in network marketing , you will have to be able to learn the following:

Your Mindset

  • The right way to deal with rejection so it doesn’t crush you or subconsciously affect your business building efforts.
  • How to overcome the biggest stumbling block – fear and procrastination. Top Earners feel fear too, but we also know how to overcome it and continue on.
  • How to stay consistent in your business and create a momentum. Knowing how to do this is KEY if you want to see large commission checks every week & month.
  • The distinctions between successful people and how they think versus the rest

Lead Generation

  • Generated leads in  XX amount of  days, Set Smart, obtainable goals (100 – 500 leads, in 30 days) and establish a system to follow up!
  • Quickly generate leads on Facebook even if all your friends think you are crazy for doing “yet another pyramid scheme/scam (I hate that term, UGH!)
  • Quickly find cold market leads who are anxious and want to buy or become a member of your team and work with you.
  • Quickly, and without rejection, rip through your warm market displaying posture and power. (You can do this even if you’ve already talked to your warm market before!) Remember: Posture is never letting them (prospects or customers) see you sweat. YES, You needed it last year, but “Thanks again”  You must add value and take it away.
  • Get leads (30-50), like magic, through the creation of quality content – I’ll post about creating strategic, quality content in near future. Stay Tuned…

This is 2013! You MUST learn to use technology. Learn to work more effectively and efficiently  to get leads which are QUALIFIED. Using Blogs, Capture pages, email blast and Auto Responders, ect..

Which Leads me to the next pillar:


  • Learn and put into practice the best closing questions you will ever need to know and make them your own. They must be second nature to you and feel natural (learn this and your income will skyrocket)
  • Learn how to properly follow up – Most networkers don’t get this step right – 80% of your sales will be made by following-up. And as they say in the business, “the fortune is in  the follow-up“.
  • Be creative and innovative in sponsoring and recruiting. Help others reach their goals! This is imperative when you’re reaching to hit a team goal or the next level in your company.
  • Stay postured (know that it matters, but you are posed to keep it moving) in the turn from ‘3rd to home’, and in power on the phone, utilize the magic that is the 3 way-call; It’s the Power of Edification and the Affirmation in the closing.
  • Build instant rapport with prospects (without memorizing any scripts). Be natural and show them what’s in it for them. They know you’re gonna get something out of the deal; make it make sense to them. $$$$
  • Learn and use the best prospecting one liners to fill your funnel. Have you noticed that what worked 5 or 10 years ago doesn’t work as well now? Learn exactly what to say and how to say it so you’ll start getting results Today.
  • Be mindful that to land a “heavy-hitter“, chances are you have to be a “heavy-hitter“. Talk to people that are 4 Checkers and have an interest in the product, service or business. People will listen to you cause they like you or you seem pleasant, but they must respect you and your success to do business with you. TRUTH!

Team Building

  • REALIZE this is where the heart and soul of networking thrives… This is where the BIG money is made!
  • LEARN how to create community and culture in your team…even if you’re shy and introverted!
  • LEARN how to develop your leadership skills regardless of your past history.
  • LEARN how to INSPIRE others into action (stop trying to motivate them!)
  • LEARN how exactly, step by step, to build LEADERS not just followers (Do this and you are on EASY STREET! BE EAGER TO LISTEN, READY TO LEARN and WILLING TO LEAD!


  • LEARN how to use an effective and efficient system to recruit more reps. Do Right things, Right.. Daily!
  • LEARN how to custom design YOUR routine to guarantee success.
  • LEARN how to utilize and systematize the proper training of the reps on your team that almost guarantees that the MAJORITY of them will also be in action. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.
  • LEARN to do things that are DO-Plicate-Able, things that every one in your organization or team can duplicate. Do this, and you’ll be living the Top Earner dream!

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration. – Evan Esa

FOR MORE INFO, Feel Free  to contact me, Felix L. Griffin, at 888-404-8282 or email @

Husband, Dad, Entrepreneur, I.T. & Social Media Pro. Biz Savvy Geek💻📱📶💵 ✈️ Motto: To Thyself Be True. 📍Dallas (Plano), TX

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