1000 Follows Formula

A Few months ago I shared “30 Day Challenge – 1,000+ followers”.  I wanted to test the waters and then jump in and commit to the  inbound marketing strategy set forth. Well.. I am finally diving into the 30 Day Challenge – 1,000 @Twitter.  I will #follow (no pun intended) up with the results at the end of April, first of May. Wish you the best!


30 Day Challenge – 1000+ followers

Free Guide: How to Get 1000+ Followers on Twitter

Free Guide: How to Get 1000+ Followers on Twitter

Unless you’re a celebrity or your brand is already a household name, it’s not easy to get a huge following on Twitter.

The good news? There are a few tactics you can use to quickly get at least 1,000 followers for your personal or professional Twitter account. We want to share these tactics with you.

In this guide, you’ll learn seven tactics for getting followers, including:

  • How to discover fantastic content to tweet
  • How to efficiently tweet content as you discover it
  • and much, much more.

As a bonus, you’ll get access to a printable one-page tip sheet. Simply  fill out the form to get your guide now!

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1000 – “Hypothetical”  Follow  Formula (No Scientific or Magic “mumbo jumbo”. This is more FUN than Science.. but you must admit it makes wonder. It’s Like hitting the Jack Pot!

1000 Follows Month Formula = 3 #tweets/hr •12 hrs day (3 new followers/hr) 36 tweets (followers) • 30 days = 1,080

After reading a eBook designed to increase your following on @Twitter, I began #tweeting more relevant content and #retweeting #tweets from those of #authority. So far I’m on pace for 1,000 by  month. #authorship #Twitter

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See – 30 Day Challenge – 1000+ followers

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FREE Guide Get 1000+ followers on @Twitter




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